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2kW hydrogen power supply

With intelligent control, hydrogen can be prepared quickly by one key start, and it can generate electricity quickly. It is safe and pollution-free, light in weight and small in size. It can be carried in the trunk at any time. In order to meet the demand of high-power standby power supply. Including military, civil and other high-power power demand, for military high-power equipment, signal base station, transmission radio, etc. to provide safe and efficient power guarantee.

Product parameters
Product parameters Numerical Value
Product name Hydrogen power supply 2000
Battery type Hydrogen oxygen fuel cell
Rated power 2000W
energy density 1580Wh/kg
Endurance time 0.79h/kg
Equipment performance 28.8V/70A
Dry weight of equipment About 12kg
Start time <30S
Low voltage protection yes
Over current protection yes
Overheating protection yes
Output interface Customizable