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20W hydrogen power supply

20W hydrogen power supply is a portable hydrogen energy power supply with simple structure, long endurance and strong security and concealment. It uses hydrogen conversion materials and water reaction to produce hydrogen in real time. Through the power supply system to stabilize the current and stabilize the pressure, it can realize the function of instant hydrogen production, instant use and fast power supply. At the same time, the equipment is small in size and easy to carry. It can be put into the special pocket of soldiers for all kinds of military Electronic equipment provides reliable power support.

Product parameters
Product parameters Numerical Value
Battery type Hydrogen oxygen fuel cell
Rated power 20W
energy density 1580Wh/kg
Endurance time 79h/kg
Equipment performance 7.8V/2.6A
Dry weight of equipment About 1kg
Equipment size 200*240*28mm
Output interface Customizable