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Portable hydrogenation station (35MPa)

The portable hydrogenation machine is a small and portable hydrogenation equipment newly developed by our company. This type of hydrogenation machine generates hydrogen in the way of instant hydrogen production, and adopts two-stage pressurization technology to pressurize the hydrogen to 35MPa pressure rating. The hydrogenation machine is a set of independent operation system, including hydrogen pressurization, hydrogen safety monitoring and alarm, system control, hydrogen filling and other subsystems.

Product parameters
Product parameters Numerical Value
Product name Portable hydrogenation station
Hydrogen purity 99.99%
Air source pressure 0.1-2MPa
Output pressure 35MPa
Hydrogen source New hydrogen conversion materials
Contraction series Two stage pressurization
Control model The pressure automatic control valve controls the automatic start and stop of booster pump
Noise < 70dB (a) (sound pressure level)