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On board hydrogen production and supply integrated power system

Our company independently developed the integrated system of instant hydrogen production and hydrogen supply, using the world's leading new hydrogen conversion materials, and through advanced hydrogen production process, stably and efficiently generate hydrogen for fuel cell power generation, so as to drive vehicle operation; the whole system has intelligent energy efficiency management strategy, which greatly improves the energy utilization rate of products; our products cover the power range of 10kw-60kw, It can be widely used in logistics vehicles, forklifts, passenger vehicles and other scenarios.

Product parameters
Product parameters Numerical Value
Stack power 10KW-80KW
Stack output voltage 140v-220v
Motor power 100kw-150kw
System usage environment 20-50℃
Low temperature startup capability of the system -30℃
Stable working pressure of the system <0.6Mpa
Maximum system efficiency >50%